Le Long Des Routes (N2)

Clément Mancini


146 × 114 cm, blindex transfert, plaster and acrylic on canvas, 2020

Clément Mancini (b. 1988) is a painter who works and lives in Paris. His attraction for painting really started with graffiti, a little over a decade ago. He immediately liked the freedom to paint on different supports and especially on a large scale. How the movement of the body will impact the line, make it vibrate. The notion of “gesture” is very important in his practice and still plays a key role in his current work. It also helped to educate his eye in the balance of the composition and the choice of colors or materials. 

The artist says: "I took these photos during a road tri between Lisbon and Porto two years ago. I was fascinated by all these textures that I could see along the roads, car trips were for me a great source of inspiration. Back to the studio I selected these two photos that I combined with my painting work. These two canvases express the encounter between spontaneity (through gesture and painting) and those key moments that can mark the path of an artist (through photos). I also always liked the fact of combining several media and I find that photography and painting are two very interesting things to confront."