Piruleta mix

Bel Fullana

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30 x 21 cm, oil and marker pen on paper, 2021

Bel Fullana was born in 1985 in Mallorca (Spain) and studied Fine Arts in Sant Jordi University of Barcelona. The Mallorcan environment has strongly influenced her art and style, particularly the behavior of the tourists that caught her attention. In the past decade Fullanas style has shifted and evolved: starting with dull colors, she now uses primarily vibrant and vivid colors such as gum pink. The balanced use of thick impasto passages and washes of spray paint create in the viewer an impression of indeterminacy, leaving him to deal with the contrast between the mature subjects and the naive, childlike characters. Starting to paint directly on the canvas, Bel Fullana´s artistic flow is made predominantly of improvisation, but at the same time she is also always concerned about the end result. Her works have been shown in Seoul, Taiwan, but also New York, Los Angeles, Denmark and Germany. In 2017 Fullana was awarded the Prize Ciutat de Palma of Visual Arts.