Work on Paper

Sophie Vallance Cantor

25 x 25 cm (45,6 x 46,6 cm incl. framing), oil on canvas, 2023 - framed

Sophie Vallance Cantor's (United Kingdom, 1993) paintings invite viewers to see the world through her eyes: a cinematic version of life where bright neon signs light up dark alleyways and domestic cats transform into wild beasts in 24 hour bars and cafés. Although viewers are welcomed into her world, they are still kept at arm's length, like outsiders looking in on a private moment. Her own voice exists between cathartic art making, storytelling and contemporary painting and ultimately her work marks her growth and changes as a person and as an artist. She has exhibited internationally in group, solo, and Art Fair exhibitions including at Sotheby’s (New York),  Fran Reus (Spain),  Mrs Gallery (New York), Guts Gallery (London) Everyday Mooonday (Seoul), Galerie Slika (France) among others.