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Nabila Valera

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110 x 142 cm, yarn and wool punch it on cotton monk fabric, 2022

Nabila Valera was born 1986 in Venezuela and grew up in Caracas, the capital. On long car trips with her mother through the country is when she first saw the art form known as “bordado guajiro". This artform originated in the indigenous tribes of what today is known Venezuela & Colombia; and is evident as one of the main influences in Nabila's art. It doesn’t come as a surprise that her ancestors can be traced back to the Andean region, and that indigenous genes run strong in her DNA.

Nabila describes her art as conversations with herself, and you can tell that the talks with herself are driven by an unapologetic view of the world and human beings. Her throw pillows with statements such as "I’m fine" or "Love will save the day" say a lot in very few, simple words. The rest is in the eye of the beholder.

When asked what ignites her curiosity, she answers: “Textures, definitely touch is the sense that I enjoy the most, and mine is very sharp. I like to feel the world through my hands, I am always touching everything. Anything that can be touched makes me curious.”

Early 2022 Nabila created a new body of work in Miami, that she completely sold to renowned art collector John Marquez. Her pieces "The runners", "Welcome", "Tupac" & "We all have scars" now sit in one of the finest collections next to art from Kaws, George Condo, Hernan Bas, Nicolas Party or Haroshi.