Ollie Ice Lolly

Cosimo Casoni


220 × 170 cm, spray paint, mural paint, skateboard marks, bitumen on canvas, 2020

Cosimo Casoni (1990) lives and works between Tuscany and Milan. His art research mainly explores the language of painting and its capabilities, in a constant art-life relationship. The painting represents the physical and mental space on which to perform elements from different fantasies; from rural to urban, according to a layered pictorial process.

Design and improvisation are alternated during the formal performance, generating evocative and surreal contrasts left open to free interpretation and reading.

The slow and thoughtful approach like that of oil painting is in contrast with post-graffiti tendencies, being characterised by re-elaborations of techniques from the “ street culture”; in particular the action painting technique he calls “skate painting”.

The eager gesture, closely linked to daily experiences, is in contrast with the reflexive character of the artist towards the work, mirroring on it this marked ambiguity.

Feelings such as nostalgia for the past, instability of the present and anxiety about the future emerge in a subtle way through the compositional tension of the elements organised in space in a continuous attempt to give order to the disorder, between reality and illusion.