Galina Munroe


160 x 140 cm, oil paint, enamel paint and collage on canvas, 2022.

Galina’s imagery begins whilst out walking or poking around in unexceptional situations. “Im not sure what Im looking for, but by never looking for anything precise I stay in a state of in-betweenness. In-betweenness can be uncomfortable, but if you allow yourself to float there for a bit, comical and refreshing connections between things appear; insignificant thoughts, moments, objects and encounters become special.” Using her daily encounters as a source of inspiration ensues a diaristic quality to her work, offering new perspectives on the small things. The conceptual and physical immediacy of her work delivers a humorous and intimate view on nature, daily mundanities and her constant emotional drifts. Galina Munroe received her MFA from Central St. Martins. Recent exhibitions include: Tending to the Tender Things at PIERMARQ* (Sydney AU, 2022), Things that make you want to stay at COUNTY gallery (Miami USA, 2022), The Silence Tasters at PIERMARQ* (Sydney AU, 2021), The King of Carrot Flowers at Union Gallery (London UK, 2021).