Rail Painting

Clemens Behr

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200 × 150 cm, acrylic on canvas with artist frame, 2020

Clemens Behr graduated in graphic design from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund and studied fine arts sculpting at the Berlin University of the Arts. His work can be defined somewhere between design and sculpture and is influenced by the graffiti and skateboard culture. Clemens Behr’s public work makes reference to an exploration of urban architecture, which brings together the selected place of work along with the characteristics of the chosen materials. The use of found materials often characterizes the site-specific artworks. Evolving out of an approach that originates between deconstruction and rearrangement, his almost performance-like design process is not based on any sketches. Still, Behr’s final results, which are always documented in photos, look as though he was guided by a specific visual goal. These photos, in turn, become artworks themselves, as they are mostly the only remnants of his ephemeral installations. This circumstance indicates the significant influence of American conceptual artist Gordon Matta Clark and his building cuts. Behr''s artwork predominantly brings together a rough draft and a load of prepared parts that are eventually assembled into a “final product”. Single architectural parts, shapes, colors and surfaces are detached and then reassembled. Most of the times, this process works quite intuitively, prompting viewer and participants.