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“I remember one day I wasted too much time scrolling Instagram. That was the moment I said to myself ‘Okay, consuming other people’s lives on Instagram is not doing me any good. I have to create something myself now.'"

Located in a small flat in a Berlin backyard, Isis Maria's art studio offers a unique glimpse into her world. The studio is filled with paintings in progress, striking color palettes and photographs from sunny vacations creating a cozy and refreshing getaway from the rather grayish Berlin landscape. The almost iconic overall that is seen in many of her studio portraits hangs right at the entrance as a reminder of her unique and self-made brand.

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Isis Maria's journey into art began after the birth of her child, a period marked by a pandemic-induced confinement that propelled her to explore her creative side. “I remember one day I wasted too much time scrolling Instagram. That was the moment I said ‘Okay, consuming other people’s lives on Instagram is not doing me any good. I have to create something myself now,” What started as a hobby soon evolved into a profound passion. Isis Maria's artistic endeavors were not confined to a particular medium; she embraced painting as a means of self-expression. Motivated by friends embarking on non-professional projects during the pandemic, she found their ventures inspiring. For her, the key takeaway was the liberating notion that one doesn't need permission to paint but keep going and sticking to a project.

Having studied fashion design and worked in an advertising agency, Isis Maria later delved into modeling after giving birth. Modeling became a source of income, while painting became an avenue for mental exploration. This dual concept proved successful, with her Instagram account flourishing. As modeling took a backseat, her online presence grew, leading to collaborations with brands. However, she emphasizes selectivity in brand partnerships, prioritizing authenticity over financial gains. Authenticity emerged as a guiding principle – realizing that the most genuine expression of oneself yields the best results. 

An upcoming exhibition at NBB Gallery has been in the works since spring, with the first paintings emerging in April. The inspiration for this exhibition stems from a holiday souvenir from Lisbon – a plastic bag from a local grocery store. Usually with prints of fruits and vegetables, such plastic bags are not common in Germany anymore. A simple everyday object became an embodiment of nostalgia for the artist. Plastics as a material fascinated Isis Maria to such an extent that she focused on other holiday related plastic items such as inflatable animals or the monobloc chair.

Around the studio, Isis Maria hangs photographs from vacations as another source for her art. They serve as a mental retreat, allowing her to transport herself back to those cherished moments in southern Europe. Not preoccupied with sights and landmarks, Isis Maria rather values intimate moments during her family vacation demonstrated in her still live paintings. Scattered on a table under sunshade are card games, sunglasses, fruit or room keys - all rather overlooked items which hold a sentimental value.

In the midst of Berlin's often cloudy winter, Isis Maria's work becomes a radiant infusion of Mediterranean sunshine. Through her art, she distills the essence of fleeting moments, offering viewers a chance to bask in the warmth of shared experiences. Dedicated to authentic expression, Isis Maria's exhibition invites viewers into a world woven with threads of nostalgia, personal reflection, and the enduring beauty found in everyday moments.

Isis Maria Niedeckens's Mitbringsel will be on display from December 15, 2023 - January 07, 2024 at NBB Gallery.