Bahati Simoens

Bahati Simoens is an independent female artist of Belgian and Congolese descent, born in Munanira, Burundi in 1992. Currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bahati creates vibrant figurative paintings heavily inspired by her African heritage. Her work centers around bright colors in combination with black bodies being celebrated in a world without the white gaze.

Bahati draws from her everyday experiences and observations, incorporating softness and a warm demeanor in her works. Through her paintings, she aims to represent and elevate black culture, celebrating it in all its richness and diversity. Her unique style, characterized by bold and dynamic brushstrokes, evokes a sense of movement and emotion, inviting the viewer to engage with the work on a visceral level.

Bahati's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in South Africa, Europe, and the United States.