Denise Rudolf Frank: Face to Face

Denise Rudolf FrankApril 14, 2022 - April 28, 2022 

Denise Rudolf Frank's second solo show at NBB GALLERY titled "Face to Face" shows the artist on her way out of constraints. Denise distances herself from the contemporary social system and depicts her freedom on the canvas.

The Austrian artist has no expectations or goals in her own painting-therapy. She rejects the expectation of having to decipher her works, and consequently wants to give the freedom to the viewer as well. She sees her practice as an outlet and as a way to portray emotions finding their match in her technique: the colors, chosen according to the sensations and feelings of the artist, are applied directly from the tube or with her bare hands onto the canvas.

Artist and viewer should be given back the right to interpret the work on their own and ask themselves: Why does this painting draw me in? What effect does it have on me? In what way does it move me? What thoughts come to my mind? Denise's work should not be understood, but felt - therefore, we are very thrilled to share this vibrant and liberating journey through art with you.