Fabian Warnsing: Head in the Ceiling Fan

NBB Gallery
October 28 - November 21, 2021

Fabian Warnsing's artistic practice is dominated by the exploration of perception, the world through images and their tradition.

The artist draws from classical subjects from history of painting, established motifs such as still lifes, nudes or cityscapes which serve as the basis for current questions about image streams and digital manipulation of reality and their effect on our vision. Collected sketches of everyday observations from the digital as well as the analogue world form the starting point for the creation of a painting and come together on the canvas. Throughout this process, pop cultural motifs, scenes from computer games and films contrast with the own experiences and fantasies.

Seemingly unstable arrangements of objects, signs, strokes and surfaces form a network of associations and are held together by significant compositions. Preliminary sketches, mistakes, overpaintings and other changes in the picture become important components of the end result and break with the viewer's expectations, the outcome being a conglomeration of reflections and doubts that become visible and tangible on the canvas.

The different subjects and objects of the artists pictorial programme become questions about their own representability, the image in general and its task in our world. Curiosity about the events and impressions is paired with doubt about them, challenging the viewer to contextualize his surroundings.