Gao Hang

Gao Hang (b. 1991 in Baoding, China) currently lives and works in Houston, Texas. Hang moved to Houston, Texas in 2015, to attain an MFA in Painting from the University of Houston, after obtaining a Bachelor of Art degree in Oil Painting from Capital Normal University in Beijing, China, 2013. At the start of his artistic career he used a more photorealistic approach being inspired by digital graphics. He uses predominantly fluorescent colors representing objects of the modern technology era and being completely committed to the age of social media and its dynamics. He talks about his artistic process as “something that has to do with habits and obsessions”. His art is characterized by brutal honesty, absurdity and humor, ending to be both representational and abstract at the same time. Gao Hang's works have been exhibited all over the world such as in Korea, USA, Spain and Germany. In 2020 he was awarded the Sunny Art Prize, followed the next year by the Artadia Houston Fellowship Award.