Jonathan Edelhuber: Heads and Spines

NBB Gallery
June 10 - July 4, 2021

Edelhuber’s vivid and colorful imagery captivates the viewer as he enters the artist's expressive world of dynamic materials, textures, and colors.

The recurring theme of life as a juxtaposition to death is a central theme within his work. Breaking the barriers of traditional Western symbolism, where the concept of death often has a negative connotation, the artist celebrates human life with his smiling skull depictions. One could say that death falls into the background, because, although they are intrinsically linked to each other, life in the artist's oeuvre prevails over death.

Art history plays another central role in the artist's work, as he makes reference to great names and classics of the discipline. Art is in constant evolution, concerning its context and historical period, and retakes the past, to expresses the now. The artist assimilates and treats this topic within his work, being the history of art as well as the subject of the skull central to his exploration of colors, textures, and composition with paint, creating a playful and unique pictorial composition.