Karo Kuchar

Karo Kuchar is an Austrian artist of Czech and Polish origin who graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2021 as well as at the University of Vienna in 2013. She follows a multidisciplinary artistic approach including installation, sculpture, textiles and painting. Since years Kuchar is flaying old empty buildings from the inside and transfers the old wall surfaces to fragile transparent fabrics. Those fabrics often form the base and inspiration of her future works. Her approach is based on the idea of a symbiosis between body and space, in the widest sense of these two terms. Her research revolves around utopian worlds of bodies, spaces and materiality while including a critical examination of history, society, legal aspects of art and the economic market, as well as feminism. Kuchar's works has been shown in Vienna, Berlin, Paris and NYC. Recently her large scale installation “chambre d’air éphémère” was exhibited during the pre-opening of the Hangar Y in Meudon, France. Karo Kuchar works and lives between Paris and Lower-Austria close to Vienna.