NBB Gallery
April 01 - April 25, 2021

In today's time of rapid change and massive division, what aesthetics and notions define art of the millennial generation?

Thus we introduce the new exhibition “NBB II“, in which the artists, Clemens Behr, Lenia Hauser, Clement Mancini and Cosimo Casoni, introduce their conception of millennial abstract aesthetics and foundations, representing through their works the zeitgeist of our time.

It is their deep desire for self-expression, the pursuit of showcasing their self-identity and interacting with their surroundings and art on a personal level, that links them together.

Whether it is "junk" that is lying around or the artist's skateboard that they just returned home with, the artists express their extremely personal visions through these different mediums. Very much connected to their surroundings, they offer a versatile panorama of experimentation and development of new styles and techniques. In this manner, the use of colours, shapes, forms, surfaces, rhythms of movement and unconventional methods achieve a unique aesthetic.

With works drawing influence from street art, destruction and urban reclamation -terminologies such as post-vandalism and contemporary urban abstraction will try to encompass the essence of this exhibition, however these four artists keep defying rules and traditions, redefining these genres of traditional art.

Lenia Hauser