May 12, 2022 - June 2, 2022 

NBB III returns with an even more captivating group show than ever before. We are thrilled to introduce Gao Hang, André Wendland, Martin Kacmarek, Bel Fullana, Mike Swaney and Jan Rybnicek in this upcoming exhibition and invite you to be part of a hypnotizing journey of figuration.

Very diverse themes and narratives are encompassed in this mesmerizing curation. Each of these talented artists teach us a different artistic process and show us their unique aesthetic through their artworks. At first glance we might question whether there are parallels between each of the artists and might feel conveyed to focus more on how distinct they are. From the cartoonish forms of Wendland to the fluorescent colors and sharp shapes of Hang, each one impacts the viewer with their distinctive technique and artistic vision. Naïve and childlike approaches to painting - as we know it from previous exhibitions at our space - reappear too, for example in the works of Swaney and Fullana, both taking references from pop culture. Gloomy atmospheres and strong characters depicted on large scale canvases are not only intrinsic to Kacmarek's paintings but figurative expression, nature and space are themes that also interest Rybnicek. Each artist has unique and particular qualities which are reflected in their artistic practice. While they all have very different styles, something that all these artists have in common is an omnipresent humorous approach within their work.

Modern subject matters such as pop culture, digitalization, nature and the overall representations of what surrounds them are amongst others central topics that occupy and influence these artists. We could go as far and say that in itself this curation is a representation of what the 21st century realism of our century is perceived as by the new generation of artists paving the way to the future.