Bahati Simoens

September 16, 2022 - October 06, 2022

We are very thrilled to introduce Bahati Simoens, Paa Joe, Edozie Anedu, Selassie and Mr. StarCity to the Berlin art scene and what better time to do so than during Berlin Art Week. Furthermore, we will present two guest artists that are part of this exciting line up which will tie up together this impressive curation - both well-known names, Jean Michel Basquiat and Virgil Abloh.

The pictorial program of the exhibition - full of different colors, textures, forms, mediums and techniques – cultivates and inspires the viewer to broaden their perspective and hopefully view art through a new, fresh lens. With an international and diverse line-up, NBB Gallery seeks not only to enrich the Berlin art scene culturally but to modernize the social discourse and narrative within. Diversity within the art world is only a rather recent topic of discussion - therefore we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase works from exclusively PoC artists within a city in which the art scene has yet a long way to go. These brilliant artists, ranging from emerging to established, give us a glimpse into their vision of the world influenced by their surroundings showing us the multifaceted nature of identity.

We are living in a time of drastic social changes, that is why our voice as individuals is more important than ever in shaping the future that awaits us by rising to the occasion. Art as a medium of expression is not bound by time and space; it can have a big influence on how our history will be written, remembered and the course it will take. Through the arts we can express ourselves, communicate and bring together people from everywhere around the world at any period in time. It allows us to view life from a creative perspective, that of the artist - creating social and cultural awareness. Pop culture and mass media advertising have played an enormous role in the cultural perception. Living in an alarmingly consumerist world, advertising is not only present throughout our daily lives but has influenced the way we think and operate in a subconscious way. It has therefore not only shaped the individual but an entire society, having a great cultural impact on its development. This exhibition attempts to encompass this and much more within its visual program.