Cat and Flower

Yasushi Inoue

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18 × 18 cm, acrylic on paper, 2021 - unframed

Yasushi Inoue, born 1943 in Osaka, is a Japan-based artist. Since his childhood he liked to paint, using it in a therapeutic way with the believe of the beneficial power of art. During his formative years he joined an art circle in which he discovered the uplifting power of art. Combining this experience with several trips to India which worked like a “mental hospital” for him, his art shows connecting points with the Indian vibe. Looking at artists such as Keith Haring, Mary Tillman Smith and Willem De Kooning, Inoue achieved to draw “funny pictures". He was recently exhibited at the Arts-b-Gallery, in Osaka (2022), following shows in Iran (2018) and Germany (2021).