Lenia Hauser

100 x 140 cm, acrylic and spray can on wood, 2021

Having studied illustration at an art academy and been into narration in book form, Lenia is now exploring space by working with paintings. She is seeking for a direct, non-verbal expression of her interest in basic phenomena of life. Her abstract paintings are built of amorphous forms, sometimes floating and sometimes stuck on the background, reminding of puzzles for children. The mixed techniques (spray can, arcyl, oil pastels, textiles), which are applied onto paper, paperboard or wood, build up an evolution of levels and textures. The whole working process, every brushstroke, shape, layer and material can be seen in the final piece. Even textures that get painted over remain visible.

They all witness her interest in the most simple and fundamental element which is easily overlooked: The ground beneath our feet. Every picture is a portrait of a certain geografical structure; an overhead top view, not revealing if it shows distant or close settings.

A limbo of near and far, clarity of the uncertainty, pulsation of life.