Isis Maria Niedecken

NBB Gallery is excited to present Isis Maria Niedecken’s new limited print edition 'FRITAS' following her exhibition Mitbringsel (engl. souvenirs) in 2023. 

This fine art print features her eponymous painting 'Fritas' capturing her nostalgic plastic bag embellished with a portion of mouth-watering fries covered in ketchup and mayonnaise - a humble holiday souvenir from a local store in Lisbon. Uninterested in iconic landmarks, Niedecken finds inspiration in the intimacy of family vacations, a theme that echoes in her still-life paintings. Elements like a seemingly simple plastic bag is carefully chosen for its personal significance, transcending the ordinary to become an embodiment of memory while reflecting on the transient nature of materials. Niedecken's art, therefore, becomes a testament to her commitment to conveying emotions, preserving joyful memories and an invitation to a world filled with the endearing beauty found in everyday moments.

Each print is made-to-order and will be hand signed and numbered by the artist. 

Orders can be made between May 01 and May 31, 2024. You can choose between an unframed and framed version. This open edition will end on May 31st and will not be reproduced.

Free shipping for orders in Germany.
Shipping for unframed prints: Approx. Mid-June. 
Shipping for framed prints: Approx. Mid-July.

Isis Maria Niedecken (b. 1994) is a Berlin-based artist, mother and model. Born and raised in Cologne, she moved to Berlin in 2013 to study fashion. After graduating, she worked in various areas in the fashion and marketing industry. When she became a mother in 2020, she started painting on canvas to fill her sons' naps with something productive. Her paintings are inspired by the beauty of everyday life and memories from the summer holidays captured in colorful acrylics.

Isis Maria Niedecken
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