The Seraphs

Julien Jaca

57 × 46 cm, wax stick on paper, 2022 - framed

Born on March 24, 1985, in Toulouse (France), JACA is a painter who lives and works in Hossegor, on the Atlantic Coast in South-West France. In 2012, he quits Toulouse School of Fine Arts to dedicate himself entirely to his burgeoning career as an international tattoo artist. His many trips made him experience the physicality of traditional works of art and handicrafts—from which radiate a rare honesty, a pure spiritual and visual strength, he says. In 2018, a specific event leaves an indelible mark on his life, both as a human being and an artist, whose impact still lingers on in one of his first paintings called THE ONLY PICTURE I WILL EVER HAVE OF YOU. Ever since, JACA has been devoting himself fully to art and pictorial experimentation, embarking on the uninterrupted creative journey of a hundred or so paintings and drawings.