Mafia Tabak

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30 x 40 cm, acrylic, pen, felt tip pen on paper, 2023

MAFIA TABAK, born in 1990 in Austria, has been creating graffiti art since 2006, which has formed his unique visual language and artistic identity. Despite his roots in graffiti, he currently separates it completely from his other work. His studio work, including canvases, installations, drawings, and prints, is another way for him to express himself, all of which are influenced by his graffiti background.

MAFIA TABAK's work is characterized by his ironic and humorous approach to painting, as he does not want to take painting too seriously. He employs materials, motifs, references, and even the colors he chooses, all of which are related to cliches but reinterpreted in new contexts. Although his works, whether figurative or abstract, are portrayed expressively and vividly, he organizes them into intelligible structures. His figures are portrayed as less fierce than those of other artists, but they are characterized by the same tenderness and naivete. TABAK approaches his work as an educated admirer of child drawing, having rejected any possible academic approach towards it. Although inspired by surrealism, TABAK is not excessively influenced by avant-garde masters. His collage-like canvases, short crayon strokes, and "badly" colored coloring pictures demonstrate that he has not forgotten the joy of unschooled creation.